Modern homes are designed for energy efficiency, but a tight seal can result in stale indoor air.

A home ventilation system in Genoa, Illinois, can address that issue by refreshing stale indoor air with clean outdoor air.

Our experts can help you obtain the right exhaust ventilation system for your needs and the local climate. Get in touch with us at +1 847-293-0047 to get started today. Current homes are made with efficiency top of mind. But that also means they’re strongly sealed and can have stuffy air.

With appropriate ventilation, your home can avoid mildew, allergen buildup and other air quality problems. Good ventilation also helps remove severe odors, like cooking smells or tobacco smoke.

While cracking a window can help for a bit, it can’t be used year-round. It can also be difficult if anyone in your family deals with allergies.

Lennox home ventilation systems in Genoa, Illinois, provide an energy-efficient option: replacing flat inside air with renewed outdoor air. They’re created to work with any heating and cooling system. Plus, they don’t create any ozone, a toxic gas that can aggravate your lungs.

Assured Appliance & Heating & Air can help you find the correct fit for your home and the local weather. Give our heating and cooling pros a call at +1 847-293-0047 to start breathing fresher air now.

Think Your Home Needs More Ventilation? Three Indications Your Home Needs a Ventilation System

There are some telltale symptoms that you would benefit from additional ventilation in your home. There are a few signs you need house ventilation, including:

Odors Never Fade

You might have a house ventilation problem if you have trouble getting rid of strong odors, including cooking smells or cigarette smoke.

Stuffy Air

Your house’s air should be clean and healthy, not stale or stuffy.

Excess Dirt

While some dust is inevitable, rooms with poor airflow can have larger quantities of dust.

Five Advantages of a Quality Ventilation System Types of Ventilation Systems

Here are several benefits of adding a system for your home:

  1. Works with most heating and cooling products.
  2. Adds fresh air without needing to open windows.
  3. Helps you reduce mildew, mold and allergen accumulation.
  4. Gets rid of bad odors.
  5. Can improve your home’s indoor air supply.

There are two types of ventilation systems—heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and energy recovery ventilation (ERV).

Each one is a good fit for new homes or remodeled homes with energy upgrades, but are made with different climates in mind.

Regions with a wide variety of weather patterns, including the Midwest, can get value from both systems. Contact us for more information about which system is best for Genoa.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

HRV operates best in chillier climates. It exhausts air from your space, replacing it with fresh air from outside your home.

As an energy-efficient benefit, it maintains the heat from your indoor air. That way, you won’t have to pay to heat fresh (but chillier) air from outside.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

ERV is a good fit for warm, humid areas. It takes the heat and moisture out of your home’s air and sends it outside. This helps you maintain ideal humidity levels in your space. Balanced humidity can keep your house more comfortable and cause you to use your air conditioning less often—saving you more money on cooling costs.

Which Ventilation System is Appropriate for Your Home?

There are two varieties of ventilation systems—heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and energy recovery ventilation (ERV).

While they’re each suited for new or refurbished energy-efficient homes, the kind you need hinges on your local climate. Homes in some areas, like the Midwest, can reap the benefits of both systems.

Find out more about the systems we offer. Or get in touch with us at +1 847-293-0047 for more information on which ventilation system is ideal for you.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

  1. Better for temperate climates.
  2. Exhausts air from your home and exchanges it with fresh air from the outdoors.
  3. Retains heat so you do not have to reheat the air from outside.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

  1. Better for warm or humid locations.
  2. Sends heat and excess moisture outside.
  3. Stabilizes humidity so you can use your air conditioning less.

Enjoy Crisp Indoor Air with Quality Home VentilationStart Breathing Fresher Air Now

Take your home’s indoor air quality to another level with help from our heating and cooling benefits. Give us a call at +1 847-293-0047 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.Our Certified Pros can help bring your residence’s indoor air quality to the next level. Call us at +1 847-293-0047 or contact us online to book an appointment now.

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